From the beginning; often used to restart or renew a pattern or cycle.
Example #1

Josh: Darn it, I messed up again!
Ron: It's okay, let's start from the top.

Example #2

We've made a few changes to our dance routine, let's practice again, from the top!
by Cloudy16 January 4, 2021
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Bottoming From The Top! A top still being top while letting their bottom take charge.
Bottoming From The Top:

Person 1: Did you read that fanfic where the top bottomed?
Person 2: Yeah.
by usergillyflower October 14, 2021
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totally, completely, thoroughly
He looked me from the top to bottom.
by Regina L. October 1, 2007
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that’s some wap (that’s some wap)
now get a bucket and a mop that’s some wap (that’s some wap)
i’m talking wap wap wap that some wet as pussy
maceroni in a pot that some wap (that’s some wap)
Best singer ever: from the top make it drop
the best tiktoker (Addi:) *does *THE* dance*

Me and 25 mill people: OMG ADDI IS BEST TIKTOKER *LIKE*
by Addi the queen of tiktok December 23, 2021
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I think it's meaning is "the first thing or things that come to your head when it comes to name someone or something inside a context"
- Can you name three emperors of Rome?

- Augustus, Nero, Marcus Aurelius...from the top of my head, now.
by Pink Bunkadoo November 2, 2020
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When a sodomist has removed his penis from his lover's anus only to find it covered in feces. Enemas are your friend. I gots shit on mah dick.
Oh man, when I pulled it out it was half brown from the top down!
Why is our toilet plunger half brown from the top down?
by Willis Drummond March 19, 2003
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a phrase applied to persons new to hot-or-not who paste links from the address bar rather than below the pic.
No wonder the chicks he's sending are beat, he's pasting from the top.
by Daveo November 23, 2003
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