Used to describe an event that a person thought would previously be wicked cool and fun, but ended up sucking hard core. Named for Kevin Costner, the actor, whose movies look good in previews, but are usually bad when watched.
Man, that U2 concert was so Costner.
by Piggly Wiggly September 4, 2005
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Another name for a happy ending, full release, or hand job. Named for actor Kevin Costner due to his hotel happy ending scandal.
Duddddde, she wouldn't blow me, but she gave me an amazing costner.
by SouthLemon August 18, 2011
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i) Brilliant, stunning
ii) Sexy, Very Attractive
iii) A Sexual Position performed by placing your lover's head under water, then holding a baseball bat over his/her head to keep them from coming back to the surface while you fuck them.
i) "That Fiat you bought off Hank was Hot Costner"
ii) "Jaysus that Hawko one with the big jabs is a bit of Hot Costner"
iii) "After we stalled down the BacBar we went on the beach and I Hot Costner-ed Lucy O'D."
by Dan Josuttno February 4, 2005
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The weird ass chorus teacher in middle school that is so obsessed with folding his hands, he could make an origami crane. There were rumors of him being accused for being a sex offender.
Mr. Costner's hands be like ᚠᚤᚷᚢᛏᛞᚠ7ᚢᚠ
by Checje May 26, 2020
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A variety of American cedar wood, which was fashionable for making movie props in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Kevin costner was noteable for it's light weight, ready availabilty but high cost of production. It has fallen somewhat out of fashion now, but kevin costner products were often found adorning the covers of TV Guide and Sears catalogs.
Middle aged woman 1 - "Did you see that kevin costner coffee table?"

Middle aged woman 2 - "Yes, it was lovely. The legs were a bit short, but the graining pattern was nicer than that cedar wood one they had"
by Ghunt70 October 8, 2007
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When a movie star, confusing reality with one of their films, promises to save the world with a plot device that doesn't work.
The first known instance of The Costner Effect was when Kevin Costner told Congress a dedicated fleet of boats with his machines could protect the coastlines.
by The Riffler Effect September 24, 2010
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A guy you don't see in many movies with Robert De Niro.
People are going to see with their eyes that the guy isn't Kevin Costner, he's just some guy infatuated with a girl in a catsuit, then what? It's not for lack of trying to convince them that he really is Kevin Costner that they'll see.
by The Original Agahnim November 26, 2021
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