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A variety of American cedar wood, which was fashionable for making movie props in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Kevin costner was noteable for it's light weight, ready availabilty but high cost of production. It has fallen somewhat out of fashion now, but kevin costner products were often found adorning the covers of TV Guide and Sears catalogs.
Middle aged woman 1 - "Did you see that kevin costner coffee table?"

Middle aged woman 2 - "Yes, it was lovely. The legs were a bit short, but the graining pattern was nicer than that cedar wood one they had"
by Ghunt70 October 08, 2007
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(v) -ing, -ed
to save someone

referencing the 1992 hit movie "The Bodyguard", where Kevin Costner plays the part of Whitney Houston's bodyguard

Used to acknowledge when someone saves your ass. Often when "dodging a bullet" is not an option, your friend may step in and Kevin Costner you. Act is often performed by a wingman

Works IRL or when online.

"No Coree, your husband had nothing to do with the decision to drunkenly shoot shoot the tree in your backyard. That was all me.. I have a problem..." -Kevin
"You just Kevin Costnered the fuck out for me. Coree would've never let me hear the end of that"

"Kepri just Kevin Costnered the out of me with his ult".
by xHOBBESx May 06, 2017
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