A minecraft server that likes to make trash ccs and sell them for 90 dollars. Some people who fall for the scam are, SweetBootieee, YourNameHere, RoyalMC, and many many more.
Son: Mommy, I want to do what CosmicPVP does when I grow up.

Mommy: ...
Factions minecraft server where most of the staff is biased against most of the playerbase, where you can buy the worst rank in the game that does nothing for about $20, and where the best players get banned.

New players won't notice anything wrong with the server... just you wait.
Player 1: Hey wanna play cosmicpvp?
Player 2: Nah I've heard the staff will just ban you if you dominate the server too well
by yaeeoot July 9, 2019
Person 1: HEY u know that mc server CosmicPvP ?
Person 2: Yea what about it?
Person 1: That stupid fucker Dave has been farming for 20 hours just to level up.
Person 2: Facepalm
by ThomasQuestionmark April 27, 2018