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An online hobby-rapper under the alias of "9ex" on SoundCloud.
Has multiple classics such as, "No Ramen", "Ramen Gang", "Gogurt" and "Swag"
Can be recognised from one of his titles made for the POTET Discord server.
Has announced plans to release new songs in the future.
Person 1: Did you hear that POTET song?
Person 2: Yeah, it made me instantly follow 9ex on SoundCloud!!
by ThomasQuestionmark May 6, 2019
Person 1: HEY u know that mc server CosmicPvP ?
Person 2: Yea what about it?
Person 1: That stupid fucker Dave has been farming for 20 hours just to level up.
Person 2: Facepalm
by ThomasQuestionmark April 27, 2018
1. Slavic slang for homosexual. Derived from Karums in latvian translating roughly to "delicately small and pretty." See Fairy

2. A latvian snack company that offers Chocolate-coated curd cheese snacks and other milk-based products.

3. Can refer to a lake in the Afar Region of Ethiopia, also known as Lake Assale or Asale.
1. Did you even see John last night? He acted really karums!

2. You should try one of these karums! I think you might like it.

3. Have you ever been to the Karums? Man that lake is pretty cool!
by ThomasQuestionmark May 27, 2019