Getting paid to be off of work and having nothing to do or nowhere to go.
The trip I took to Puerto Vallarta and got stung by a sting ray beats the hell out of this coronacation I'm on. This sucks!
by Casper70 April 5, 2020
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The time where many students party and enjoy their time off from school because of the coronavirus pandemic.
Coronacation time!! Since we have 4 weeks off of school, lets hangout a lot and throw some corona parties!!
by CHUBBA.SUPREME March 14, 2020
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Due to all of the cheap flights and no college because of the Coronavirus, college people go on coronacation cause so what if we die
I’m bout to fly first class to the Bahamas for 36 bucks, coronacation bout to be sick!
by CNCJMC March 13, 2020
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Travel ban being enforced from companies, schools, government, etc. due to the Coronavirus that’s forcing people to stay home and/or telework.
I’m on a Coronacation due to the travel ban so I’ll be attending the conference as virtual attendee.
by Hiker Girl March 11, 2020
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When you are away from school and work due to the corona virus outbreak.
"There's no school for next week because the corona virus. Gonna be a nice coronacation."
by Rocket508 March 23, 2020
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Going on an impromptu vacation/trip during the coronavirus outbreak. With prices lowered so much and classes cancelled, why wouldn’t you!?
...well, maybe because of pandemic warnings... but those will blow over... right?
“Classes are cancelled so I’m going on a coronacation to Miami Beach
by purplepenguin627 March 13, 2020
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