To be ass raped in the darkness of a corn field in Iowa. Usually happens to unsuspecting business men who venture out too far from the safety of their hotels.
I was on a feed mill start up in Iowa with the new guy Steve and after work we went to the bar with a bunch of farmers. The next morning Steve woke up with kernels of corn in his hair and had a raw anus. I said, "Damn Steve you got Corn Husked!"
by Barbicakes May 23, 2008
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An anal sex session that leaves a few corn niblet remnants on the penis.
My uncle took me around the barn and bent me over the saw horse. He was up in there so good he pulled out a Nebraska corn husk.

Her choice of last night’s dinner entree sides was quite apparent when I pulled out a Nebraska corn husk this morning. So I wiped it on her pillow case.
by Dick Onchin April 12, 2020
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1. A phrase uttered when a person feels the urge to deficate, and is aware that the feces to be expelled is both solid and of considerable mass.

2. A phase uttered upon an inquiry to your last location, if said location was the toilet. (Same fecal prerequisites apply)
Man, that beer and burrito combo really got to me, I have to go feed it a corn husk!
by Andrew Werlinger November 8, 2006
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During the act of shucking corn one becomes horny, if they're creative they will place the corn cob in an orifice of a close friend. The orifice is most unlikely the mouth. Once the corn cob is oozing with gooey happiness it is roasted for 15 minutes in a oven and eaten.
Wow Donny, I'm still soar from the Nebraska Corn Husk last night.
by John Nebraska March 16, 2008
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Your partner forcefully rams corn on the cob into your ass leaving it in for a limited amount of time then removing it to consume
Me and my friend were bored, so we decided to Amish Corn Husk. In the beginning it hurt but in the end it was a sweet treat
by Brown fish April 21, 2017
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Corn Husking is the act of mutual anal sex by way of the double sided dildo (or vibrator). In order to qualify as "corn husking", the participants must put their anuses together and pass the toy back and forth between sphincters. This anal game of "catch" is what we know as "corn husking".
Me and the wife just bought a double vibe... Thinking about corn husking tonight...
by Dunkalunk2015 August 25, 2014
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