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Corissa is a beautiful creature from the inside out. She lights up a room once she steps in. She is blonde with memorizing hazel-green eyes. She is a georgeous female that every guy dreams of having theirs. She is sweet, caring, and does things for other people before herself. She is usually calm but she has her moments. If you are lucky enought to have a Corissa in your life cherish every moment with her like it's last.
Guess who my new friend is?



No way!! Your so lucky!!
by Aaabbbbbcccc234 July 29, 2012
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sweet, wonderful person, caring, does things for others before her self,
wow i would love to hang out with a corissa
by blueberry lover February 03, 2010
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Corissa is very dark depressing and sad parson when she is alone but when she is hanging out with her friends she is the glue of the friends ship and is the reason why there friends in the first place she has dark brown hair and eyes and every one love's her inside and out most guy's like her but she is smart about liking a guy because she now's they will brake there heart by liking another girl or not liking her back she is the kind of person every one needs in there life she will be there for you when you need her most she also care's about others more then her self because well she just does i really love my best friend.
Corissa is the best parson you can ever meet she will be there to help you when you need it she will help you if you need it or not she cares about others more then her self she has been through a lot but her friends help her like she help them .
by SuSaN dAn August 08, 2018
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she's a kind hearted person on the inside but on the outside she can seem like a real bitch sometimes. but she is as loyal as anyone can ever be when it comes to relationships, she's really irreplaceable. she has beautiful brown hair and it actually very smart, along with being a smart student she thinks she's ugly but everyone else thinks the opposite
guy 1: i need a loyal girl

guy2: oh just find a corissa!
by My best friend ๐Ÿ˜Š March 17, 2018
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female pimp likely to try and sell you drugs.
"woah better go the other way." "why" "theres a corissa over there"
by flippinPonies February 17, 2010
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Corissa is an amazing, talented, and intelligent girl. She really loves cute boys and cute boys in bands. She spends all day obsessing over them. She is generally a great stalker, but also a nice person. She has a fantastic smile and brown hair with green-hazel eyes, and she just really loves boys.
"You know who I'd like to be like one day?" "Who, a Corissa???" "Yes! Too bad it's a hard accomplishment..."
by whoamireallydoesitmatter November 13, 2013
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