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A guy with the biggest cock ever.Very HUMONGOUS COCK.
Oh he is such a Corey
by LYDD November 30, 2018

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Hey ladies if you find one take him to your basement and fuck his brains out.Always has a humongous cock.He will fuck your momma,aunty,sister,gandmother,and he will make your brother turn gay with just a simple "Hello".Yah bitches better get ready to get them cheeks spread and love that dick.A Corey's dick is always at least 9 inches soft,and at least 10 inches when hard.He loves latina's and foreign woman.He dont fuck wit white bitches.These only apply if he is black tho.
Girl 1:Damn,bitch I tell you I got a Corey last night
Girl 2:How big?
Girl 1:I was passed out for most of it,there was 3 ova girls,and he was at least 12 inches when he was soft.14 inches when hard.
by LYDD May 29, 2019

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