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Corene \c(o)-re-
ne\ as a girl's name is a variant of Cora (Greek) and Corinne (French, Greek), and the meaning of Corene is "maiden".

English cognate of the Greek Korinna, a derivative of KorΔ“ (maiden). The name was borne by a Greek poetess from Boeotia, who won a wreath of victory at Thebes, and whose works survive only in fragmented form

Also known as: Rene (first E sounding like an I second E
sounding like a Y)

Corene has spontaneous humor, would wrather be honestly hated than dishonestly loved, is hard to get along with, never plays well with others and is able to stand on her own. Whomever she loves she will always be one with that person and that person alone.
She is melancholy, and calm in her ways, but be ware when you light her fire, it is not easily put out
God that girls so unpredictable she like a Corene
by Folgrin February 28, 2011
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