He's the stuff of legends; Some people don't believe that he ever existed, some people make up stories involving themselves with Coopz to try and make themselves appear cool, and some people spend their entire lives obsessing over him. He's rumoured to be Scottish, standing at well over 7 foot tall, with a ferocity that would scare a great white shark.
"OMG!!1 That is Epic!! Alsost as awesome as the time Coopz....."

"I saw Elvis at the grocery store last week! - Oh yeah? Well I saw Coopz! I win!"
by Coopz_Fanatic October 28, 2008
A person known for his sexual deviancy with animals.
Coopz once ended up in hospital after trying to trombone a donkey in Pontefract town centre.
by Monkey Trumpet September 16, 2013
A cool guy that gets the girls is also an amazing rapper has got a great talent and his gonna blow up when their older
Your so Lil Coopz I wish I could be you
by Lil Coopz December 14, 2018
Coopz is a kind and friendly person and is a part of the blue gang
Coopz is a kind person
by Super Coopz June 25, 2019