Cool can be a tricky word and it is very subjective. Someone cool is someone with style or a personality that everyone loves. Everyone wants and tries to be cool. Someone who searched for "cool" on this site is the complete opposite of cool.
Yeah, so basically, what I'll never be ;)
Random dude: bro, you're so cool
Cool Guy: yeah, i know.
Random dude: bro, even what you say is cool
Cool Guy: ok i got it man you're creepy... Anyways, imma buy a new skate this afternoon and some new sunglasses and a beanie, wanna come?
Random dude: cool!
by YourMammaSearched March 10, 2021
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5’10 guy, very tall, definitely not short. He’s a ninja turtle (Italian painter). He’s wayyy to cool for anyone. Like the essence of cool. Probably born in September, and won’t talk to you if you’re too short
Person 1: Omg he’s so cool
Person 2: I know right??
Person 1: I wish I could talk to him
Person 2: Same, but I’m too short he can’t see me
by Dunnowhatthisisbut October 25, 2020
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when ur a chimp and can talk
you: wow i am a chimp and i can talk, cool.
by TNTYEETER9001 July 18, 2021
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C: Constipated
O: Overweighted
O: Ompa
L: Lumpa
1: bitch i think ur so C.O.O.L

FatAss Woman: aww tysm i think ur so C.O.O.L aswell

1:😭 Cool means Constipated, Overweighted, Ompa,.Lumpa
by GayBitch1234 January 6, 2019
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Someone who wears Scooby-Doo socks.
She is so Cool, she wears Scooby-Doo socks.
by Scooby socks November 3, 2021
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Cool is sombody who is liked by loads of people and people seem to think is a cool person,but in my opinion Scott Reid is the most coolest person I know,he tells us how his photo is in every dictionary so I must put him in this dictionary
Random kid:OMGG it’s Scott Reid

Other kid:he’s soo cool!
by AiDaNk :) April 15, 2021
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