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Cool means fenix only fenix
by Fenix rianne December 29, 2018
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Cool can be a tricky word and it is very subjective. Someone cool is someone with style or a personality that everyone loves. Everyone wants and tries to be cool. Someone who searched for "cool" on this site is the complete opposite of cool.
Yeah, so basically, what I'll never be ;)
Random dude: bro, you're so cool
Cool Guy: yeah, i know.
Random dude: bro, even what you say is cool
Cool Guy: ok i got it man you're creepy... Anyways, imma buy a new skate this afternoon and some new sunglasses and a beanie, wanna come?
Random dude: cool!
by YourMammaSearched March 10, 2021
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Anything above 5Ft 2” and doesn’t have weak roasts.
by Dictionary10101 November 17, 2017
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