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To be totally AWESOME. Or other such adjectives. Admired, popular.
by yanianaian October 17, 2005
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C: Constipated
O: Overweighted
O: Ompa
L: Lumpa
1: bitch i think ur so C.O.O.L

FatAss Woman: aww tysm i think ur so C.O.O.L aswell

1:😭 Cool means Constipated, Overweighted, Ompa,.Lumpa
by GayBitch1234 January 6, 2019
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Being a young blue haired guy playing the accordion.
Tom Milsom, of 'hexachordal' (YouTube) fame, is cool.
by CreditgoestoTjita1 July 12, 2011
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Pimping out a 95 Honda civic and turning up your cool jams so loud that the girl in the Saturn next to you is annoyed because her car is vibrating
I'm so cool, I blew out the windows in my crappy car.
by Ktlhys March 5, 2011
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5’10 guy, very tall, definitely not short. He’s a ninja turtle (Italian painter). He’s wayyy to cool for anyone. Like the essence of cool. Probably born in September, and won’t talk to you if you’re too short
Person 1: Omg he’s so cool
Person 2: I know right??
Person 1: I wish I could talk to him
Person 2: Same, but I’m too short he can’t see me
by Dunnowhatthisisbut October 25, 2020
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Miles Davis movement of music in the late 50s and early 60s
by KayMil October 24, 2008
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