You aren't cool
by Uhhhwut March 14, 2018
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To be totally AWESOME. Or other such adjectives. Admired, popular.
by yanianaian October 17, 2005
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Being a young blue haired guy playing the accordion.
Tom Milsom, of 'hexachordal' (YouTube) fame, is cool.
by CreditgoestoTjita1 July 12, 2011
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Pimping out a 95 Honda civic and turning up your cool jams so loud that the girl in the Saturn next to you is annoyed because her car is vibrating
I'm so cool, I blew out the windows in my crappy car.
by Ktlhys March 5, 2011
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The word everyone uses when they don't care and they want you to shut up. If your talking and your "friend" says cool that's ur que to shut up.
"Cool" Ashley Benson said as the hair stylist blabbed on.
by Prettylittleliars763 April 27, 2015
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