Or the longer version of "head." In the late 1960's through the middle 1970's, anyone who was called a "cool head" or just a "head," was an intense party person. (Southern California)They may have only been into one substance (pot) or the entire pharmacy.

Go figure on the name, "head shops" on the west coast. What people would call a "smoke shop" today. They use to be the Disneyland for stoners, but no more.

Because of law enforcement efforts to put these people in jail, code words were used to protect your allies. Nothing has changed.
He's a cool head man, he ain't no #$*&@$% narc!
by oldtimer68 May 25, 2011
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A term in Ted Kazinscki's (unibomber)manifesto that was recognized by his brother, causing him to call the FBI.
But it is obvious that modern leftist philosophers are not simply cool-headed logicians systematically analyzing the foundations of knowledge. They are deeply involved emotionally in their attack on truth and reality.
by octavius April 29, 2004
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The head-cooling station is the frozen foods section in the grocery store; where you can open a cooler door and stick your head in if you start having hot flashes or are simply pouring sweat on account of all the umph! it takes to get from one end of the store to the other, and either no one will notice because it looks like you're grabbing a bag of veggies, OR they notice but don't pass judgement because they came there to do the exact same thing!!
"Mom, you're sweating profusely," I told her as we came around the aisle and she popped her head into the frozen goods cooler. "You'd better stay right here in the head-cooling station while I go grab a buggy to finish up our shopping!"
by K!Mpo$$ible August 27, 2022
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Jay: I know a prostitue who can give you a real good cool head for 50 $.
by 57Jaundice July 12, 2021
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