A person who plays video games and spams L2/LT to make them have better aim
by BigFuknBeef April 13, 2020
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Controller Player is usually brain dead monkey. One general feature for controller player is autism and ADHD. Controller Players doesnt deserve human rights.
Person 1: How you can be that dumb?
Person 2: Im controller player.
by Ohjaimet Hirteen June 12, 2020
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N; Someone who jumps into everyone's box
Fucking braindead controller player just jumped into my box smh
by dsdfdsd May 17, 2021
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autistic 12 year old fortnite players who have probably never talked to a girl and leave comments under youtube videos saying they are underrated. probably has more hours in creative mode than has hours going outside
names a more underrated controller player than me. i’ll wait 😤
by SandiestHook May 16, 2019
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A big loser who likes to eat penis
Bob:hey did u see controller player 74
Jeff:yeah he’s a loser
by What’s going guys September 13, 2020
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