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In the old B&W movies, they always referred to a terminally ill person of a particular desease as having CONSUMPTION or they already died of it. C o n S u p t i o n . I have consumed my tipple of booze cheap too for 40+ yrs but I was never so insulted than recently at the Emergency Room not my taste of a 'room' when the nurse took off my masked/vail after I explained that I am a carrier of TB have been for 40 yearsand I am not dying from Consumption and she said WHAT? What is that ?... You consumed too much booze to go from the TANK at the local constable/constabulatory house to here at Veteran's Memorial Hospital!?!?" I was still so 'pizzed' , I could have Spit ! agin'
MoM always said don't spit in the streets but it's alright to get so mad that ya want to spit.... part Deux to follow about Cops,Rights,TB,undocumented aliens,tax payers,citizens , connecticut , yankeez not like idiot red sox

I can't believe that this spell-checkin'funky-monkey sez that I mis-spelled Conn., US of A !
that actress was destined to die of consumption !
Red said ' But she did LIVE , that sweet ol' HO'"
As Tom Chapin Harry's Bro' sang " Consumption Junction..... What's yer Function....."
WikiPedia can't touch this Consumption definition ! nor the Nat'l Assoc. of Naval Veterans , try to find that !
by Crickety Dick July 01, 2007
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