In psychology, (memory) consolidation is the process where the unconscious mind tries to transform recently learned experiences into long-term memories, thereby 'consolidating' them. Ways of triggering consolidation include writing/recording stuff down (e.g. journal or diary), the utilization of schemata, and getting a good night's sleep.
Jim failed to consolidate his memories of what he learned in his course because he rarely took notes. He also pulled an all-nighter to study for his final tomorrow, but consolidation didn't occur because he didn't get good sleep.
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A process the subconscious mind uses to take fragmented information and combine into a whole model.
Consolidation is initiated by many methods including dreaming, hypnosis, gestalt therapy and just plain talking out your problem.
by Author Stephan Smolka March 24, 2010
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In Beirut / Beerpong ..
When cups are scattered and are able to form another pyramid shape, one team may say "Consolidate" to have the cups re-arranged into a pyramid, hence making it easier to sink a ball.

"Yo, Your cups are all scattered....CONSOLIDATE!"
by ADubya January 1, 2006
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To heartily consume an entire pint of Guinness. The process of consolidation has three stages. First, ordering a pint with the correct grammatical formation; NOT Guinnesses (or Guineii). Second, drinking the pint in its entirety at a pace sufficient to maintain a head until the last gulp. Third, sitting back to ponder the blatant superiority of Guinness above all other brews.

Kedzlie, M (2017) 'Sayings of Quackers' FACEBOOK, 26:12
My aim is to consolidate 4 pints of Guinness by the time I hit Belfast
by Ulster Bro December 26, 2017
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Closing all of your excess Facebook tabs, so you just have one left.
Person 1: Why are you closing all your tabs?
Person 2: I'm doing some Facebook Consolidation.
by Eadinator October 18, 2011
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The act of taking a prearranged hang-out time with one or more friends, and folding / inviting more, previously unmentioned and usually unnaproved friends to come along. Typically this is done because the "friend consolidator" has found somebody they find more interesting to go to the same event with but don't want to break plans and be an @ss, or because they are flakey and forgot the original plans in the first place.
Person1: "Hi, this is my new and far more interesting friend, hope you don't mind if he/she tags along to your Birthday Party!"
Person2: "Of course i mind! What a shameless act of Friend Consolidation! :("
by PJRandDGH July 22, 2008
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If josh doesnt perform a little fecal consolidation hes never going to amount to anything.
by sticks156 July 26, 2010
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