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A process the subconscious mind uses to take fragmented information and combine into a whole model.
Consolidation is initiated by many methods including dreaming, hypnosis, gestalt therapy and just plain talking out your problem.
by Author Stephan Smolka March 23, 2010
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In psychology, (memory) consolidation is the process where the unconscious mind tries to transform recently learned experiences into long-term memories, thereby 'consolidating' them. Ways of triggering consolidation include writing/recording stuff down (e.g. journal or diary), the utilization of schemata, and getting a good night's sleep.
Jim failed to consolidate his memories of what he learned in his course because he rarely took notes. He also pulled an all-nighter to study for his final tomorrow, but consolidation didn't occur because he didn't get good sleep.
by UltimateDoge April 21, 2020
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