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Sympathy for a person who has a different video game console than your own.
Friend 1: "Oh, you have the Xbox One? My consolences."
Friend 2: "Shut up dude."
Friend 1: "I'm just saying I feel bad for you."
by AerPilot November 05, 2013
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Consolences: like condolences but from someone close to you who is trying to console you. Someone who knows you too well to offer condolences when a sad thing happens.

A consolence can also be a non-verbal action. If someone gives a friend a hug as a form of consoling then they offer her consolence, which might elicit the reply "Thanks for the consolences".
E.g. My father offered me consolences when I dropped my slice of pizza in the dirt.
by Chateau Zo January 27, 2014
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