1) when a bunch of little kids argue and complain about which piece of technology works or plays better.

2) a match of call of duty
example 1:

boy 1: the ps3 is better cause, cause, it has exclusives

boy 2: The Playstation 3 has exclusives. And I give it credit for that. But if you want a better community and experience over all, play xbox, lets not be immature and have a console war

baby: WII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

guy 1: lets go play some cod and have a console war
by Toad396 November 13, 2011
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The stupidiest war that has ever been fought... Ever. It's usually filled with stupid graphic whoring fanboys and nerds who always have to point out every detail of a console thinking that the more power it has the better it is. (Newsflash: Just cause it has more power doesn't mean it's instantly better. For example the SNES didn't need fancy graphics just to create awesome games.).
With the release of the Nintendo DS and PSP the stupidity has taken to a next level, man I should write an article called "Nintendo geeks versus Sony freaks"

(Oh yeah and freak is used as an insult, I can't believe people title themselves as 'freaks', I'll just point and laugh at them.)
by That one guy April 11, 2005
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The seemingly neverending battle over which gaming console is supreme among all the others.

In the past, the console wars were between Nintendo and Sega, but nowadays, the three main competitors are Sony with the Playstation 2, Nintendo with the Gamecube, and Microsoft with the XBox.

It's really not that big an issue, but since some people love to argue over inane topics, the console wars rage on.
"Man, did you hear? Sony's releasing the PS3!"

"Just another contender in the console wars.
by Mephianse September 9, 2004
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A lame thing that young teenagers do it because they have no life and like to troll about which is the best and which is the worst.
Person 1: Dude, in this console wars battle PS3 is better than Xbox 360.

Person 2: I don't care. Get a life.
by Anon12576343 November 3, 2010
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the most pointless topic to talk about to another gamer. most of it consists of Nintendo fanboys vs. Sony fanboys arguing over whether the PSP or the DS are better, or any console for that matter.
Nintendo Fanboy: DS = teh roxx
Sony Fanboy: PSP > DS
Nintendo Fanboy: THE HELL U SAY BITCH!!?
Me: u guys fail. console wars suck
by Evan Kuhlmey September 24, 2005
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The battle between those who bought different consoles as to which one is supreme. Usually fought between butt hurt nerds who have to justify there buy by explaining how there consoles is better.
Nerd 1: Faggot, the 360 is better we haz Halo''z¬¬!"1`2
Nerd 2: Asshole, the 360 getz red ringz and we have killzone, u fag?!
Sane Person: Lol, console wars are for nerds!
by JesusWouldBeJealous September 1, 2010
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