A flame war with fanboys of either Nintendo, Sony or Microsoft fighting amongst each other. They are often biased to supporting their system and their system only, not knowing the advantages of the other systems.
Nintendrone: Wi1 U iz best, Fuk ur grafices, N1n73nd0 4 lyfe!!!11!

Xbot: We haz online & intarnut & C0D s0 we r bezt niqqurz!!11!!

PS Whore: N0 PS4 iz shiny & thus bezt!!1111!!!

PC Gamer: Whatever *sits back and watches rant*

Morgan Freeman: And that is the Console War in a nutshell.
by picklestein June 24, 2016
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An epic battle, equivalent to a dick measuring, or pissing contest. It pits the next-gen consoles against eachother - in this case, the Wii, X360, and Playstation 3 - in a battle... TO THE DEATH! Fanboys on all sides shall be hurling shit at eachother, while those of us who remain in the center shall laugh. Hillarity will ensue every battle, and the casualties will mount. Pick a side, or lackthereof, but be warned: choose the ultimate loser (all sides, except the center/neutral position), and you are to be fucked with for the ages.

In the future, more "wars" of the like will surely follow.
Fanboys across the globe are creaming their pants, in anticipation of the grand Console War, of the second generation.
by Amerikaner October 20, 2006
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The word 'console war' came about when a little competition broke into a petty argument caused by Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft fanboys all hurling insults at each others' consoles. The console war has caused a lot of people to fall out.
Fanboys treat the console war as if it's a real war.
An argument between three types of fanboy:

"Nintendo is for kids!"
"Yeah, well Sony copied Nintendo's Gameboy with it's PSP!"
"Yeah! Well Microsoft are the richest company ever!"
by Arran January 3, 2005
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A pointless argument between fans of certain game consoles. Currently the battle between the XBOX 360, the Wii, and the PS3. The PSP and DS are also contenders in the console wars. This will never be resolved until Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony (and maybe Sega) all join together and make a console. But that console would probably suck.
PS3 fanboy: What's that ya' playin'?
360 fanboy: 360. Wanna play?
PS3 fanboy: Psh, no.
360 fanboy: Jeez, at least I didn't sell my house to buy the console.
Wii: Oh my god, you're both gay.We all know that the wii is the best console.
PS3 fanboy: -Toilet joke-
360 fanboy: Yeah, we all know that the graphics have to SUCK for the game to be good.
Wii fanboy: Yeah, well the 360 has nothing special about it, and the PS3's really expensive.
Neutral-Gamer: This again?
-Passes them rival consoles and baseball bats-
-Fanboys beat respective consoles with the bats, but stop arguing-
Neutral-Gamer: Can I get some sleep now?... Lousy Console War.
by DisasterGoldFish October 15, 2006
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A dick-measuring contest usually between Microsoft Fanboys and Sony Fanboys to try and justify buying one of the 300 dollar instead of the other 300 dollar console.
Microsoft Fanboy: The Xbox Series X is going to win the console war because it's more powerful
Sony Fanboy: The PlayStation 5 is going to win the console war because it has better games
Nintendo Fanboys: The Nintendo Switch is going to win because you can take a shit while playing smash bros.
by heywaitasecond March 22, 2021
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The "Console War" is a period of intense marketing cometition between Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo and each companys respective fanbase. Despite most anti-fanboy speculation, the "console war" is a wonderful thing, in the sense that it brings out the best in every company. Long live Nintendo, long live the "Console War".
NintenDrone: Hey guys I was just playing Mario Galaxy, want to Co-Star?
PSTool: That is so "kiddy".
XBot: Like LittleBigPlanet is any better, I wouldnt be caught dead playing either.
PSTool: At least we have Mature-Rated games unlike that "kiddy" BS Wii.
XBot: I agree.
NintenDrone: There is a difference between "kiddy" and Family-Freindly retard. Oh and have you ever heard of a little game called No More Heroes.

These arguments are the reason games like Super Mario Galaxy, MGS4, and Halo 3 exist.

I salute you "Console War".
by NintendoFan December 13, 2009
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A pointless, semi-retarded argument fought between fanboys of consoles like Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii.

Ten years ago, it was between the Gamecube, PS1, and the first Xbox. Twenty years ago it was between the SNES and Genesis.
Come on people, why can't you realize that actual computers are superior to consoles in every way?
When the majority of people become intelligent enough to realize a PC is better than any console, the console wars will end.
by Colder November 1, 2011
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