Complete sweat, never gets in trouble, and can Ben really fucking agresive, on terms a suck up and a bitch.
Connie is a bitch
by Rappers September 20, 2020
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Connie is a beautiful, smart, amazing girl if you meet an Connie then you will be amazed by the outstanding girl that you will meet. She is also a bit talkative but she will always keep secrets no matter how much she talks. She also may be obsessed with theatre in the way that she will always bring you to musicals and she will only sing them and she probably loves Hamilton she thinks its the best musical and she will talk about it all the time. But she is the hottest girl you will meet though so make sure to bring your inner theatre kid and be friend with Connie's
Person 1- Is that Connie
Person 2 - Yh she is so obsessed with Hamilton
Person 1- Yh Ik
via giphy
by Bob the builder cant fix me December 31, 2020
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mmmm yummy tender meat. the tastiest produce of Gracefield farm.

R.I.P Connie, fly high angel.
what are we eating tonight babe?

some Connie, its so flavorsome right!
by kenmasb1tch January 29, 2021
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food 🍖🍗🥩
man i’m really hungry for some connie meat rn
by illumiishotasf February 12, 2021
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