3 definitions by Lamborrari

A negative exclamation. Can replace "nuts!" or "fuck!".

Also, an exclamation used when one is injured in the groin area.
John: Did you remember to send in the forms like I told you a dozen times?
Steve: Nutcrackers! I didn't!

John: Man, that guy got hit in the balls pretty bad by that football.
Steve: Nutcrackers! That's gotta hurt!
by Lamborrari June 30, 2006
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a condom (word originating from the United Kingdom)
I was using a connie while I had sex with her.
by Lamborrari October 27, 2005
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A depressing, boring, poorly conditioned or otherwise uninteresting city, town or village.
I hate this shitville in the wintertime, makes me wonder why anyone would wanna live here.
by Lamborrari June 30, 2006
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