Dude, I can't talk right now, I'm in a conference call and my boss is being a real asshole.
by alexanderthegreat3324 October 1, 2007
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An open door meeting that takes place in the bath tub at a party. Typically, all members of a conference call are very intoxicated and just talk about life
“Bro are Dãvįd and Donald fucking in the bathroom?”

“No they’re having a conference call in the tub...wanna join?”
by BigMikeMikeMikeMikeMikeMike August 27, 2019
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When you're on the phone with coworker, friend, family and you're getting an unbelievable BJ

When you place your business partners on speaker and screw some chick on your desk
I got a call from my mom and my girl gave me a conference call.

I was having the most boring phone meeting when Jenny came in, I put the phone on speaker and drilled her on my desk.
by Stereotyped April 25, 2013
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Situation where two or more people, usually in an urban setting, have a conversation as loudly as possible. The purpose of the interaction is to express an opinion, threat, compliment, or a thread of discourse, and is said in a public forum at the top of one's voice. The call generally concerns a traditionally private or intimate subject, that most individuals would not want to be involved in, but provides free entertainment to everyone in the immediate vicinity.
Jerome and Tyrone engaged in a ghetto conference call, with Jerome's girlfriend, outside her apartment building. Although neighbors and bystanders were not intended to hear the discussion, the drama was witnessed by everyone within earshot. Everyone was amused...
by enemyoffreedom June 23, 2010
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One central figure uses two entirely separate phones and phone lines on speaker phone within hearing distance of each other to converse with multiple people in one conversation.
Hey Bob, I got 3 tickets to the football game, I was thinking that we could take Bert if he's available." "Hold on Ernie I will get the other phone and start a redneck conference call to ask Bert if he can join us.
by Angieliza September 14, 2010
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Having a conference all over a game of Call of Duty instead of using a regular telephone or Skype. While a fun way to discuss things, most people find that they are good at talking and playing Call of Duty, but not both at the same time.
Yeah, we worked out the details of our trip over a conference call of duty.
by Jadder Obbins November 29, 2011
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