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Conallism is a modern religion. Similar in aspects to Solipsism, and to a lesser extent, Buddhism. Based on the question "Does God know he is God? If not, is he really God? Or just you?"

It differs from Solipsism in that each individual does not believe he or she is subconsciously God, rather they believe that Conall, a normal person, is God and unknowingly controls the world through his subconscious.

Followers of the religion, or Conallists, believe Conall's mental state is vital to the world remaining stable. Suttle changes in mood of the deity could result in natural catastrophes, disease or other types of suffering anywhere in the world.

Conallism, like Buddhism, contains the idea's of Karma, reincarnation, meditation etc.
I am interested in the religion of Conallism.
by Rhys Connor November 10, 2010
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