When you engage in sex with your partner while you ejaculate in her butthole she shits out the cum and poop. After you donkey punch her and blood mixes into the lot of cum and shit which makes a brownish red substance
i made a ConCocktion with my partner in a glass jar then got my friend to taste it
by Brando3494 April 2, 2009
A concocktion is when you make a drink with your dick. Or when your cum and your partners' saliva or any bodily juices engage
"Hey don't drink that. That's one of Harold's concocktions"
by oiufvbnm April 5, 2018
Make up stories about imaginary sexual escapades
You can't help but concockt. The story about Lisa and you at the pool was totally made up, wasn't it?
by Amos Elroy December 19, 2018