From the Latin word meaning king . A man of God's own choosing . He's the sweetest person you'll ever meet . He's funny intelligent thoughtful and sexy . He has a large penis and is very kinky and great in bed. People love Harold. He is the center of attention. If he is your boyfriend you are very lucky. He will go out of his way to spoil you. You will never want to let him go. When he loves, he loves hard.
Omg Harold makes me so moist.
by Tashanette December 22, 2016
acts like a fuckboy but is in reality the sweetest, most uplifiting guy ever.
by 2417 February 4, 2017
Harold Is A Definition of loyalty
He's handsome,smart and doesn't hold back his thoughts
All though Harold can get firey if any one

Breaks his trust

He loves his mom and his family members.
I wish I can date Harold!
Yea.Harold's pretty Hot
by Vorrie March 13, 2017
A guy who is the sweetest person you will meet. He's funny and thoughtful, and he cares about a lot of people. You will never meet anybody as awesome as a Harold.
Girl 1: oh my gosh I just love Harold.
Girl 2: who's Harold?
Girl 1: look
Girl 2: I think I love Harold too.
by Picklelicious November 16, 2014
From the Latin Herald meaning King. A man of God's own choosing to lead a nation. Subject to His approval and His removal. A man with a perfectly round head. A man of many thoughts and a few words.
That guy is so well thought of, he must be a Harold.
by Heraldry February 6, 2010
To "hang around" a cemetery.

Popularized by the 1971 cult film "Harold and Maude", in which the main character, Harold, enjoys attending funerals at cemeteries of people he doesn't know.
Dude, let's get out of this scary place, I'm sick of harolding!
by MovieMan March 1, 2006
A guy who is the sweetest person you'll ever meet. He's smart intelligent and handsome. He's very blessed in the pants area and knows how to use it. When he loves , he loves hard. Get you a Harold.
by Tashanette December 21, 2016