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An extremely attractive, confident, opinionated and intellectual woman who is very cool, has sense of humor and knows how to chill. Compelling was first used by Jon Steward when he satirized how John Roberts, a Senior National Correspondent for CNN described the testimony of Valerie Plame Wilson as the "most compelling testimony in the Congress since Fiona Hall" and juxtaposed the image of Valerie Plame with that of Fiona Hall, alluding how both are two very attractive blondies.

Jon Steward mused what the correspondent meant by "compelling" and then cut into a clip of CNN ticker showing "compelling = f*@kable." f*@kable is slang for an extremely attractive women.

The term was then popularized by a self-proclaimed guru of all things Somalian who goes by LL Cool Jamal, a Philosopher-King Beatnik of the Jaded Age and several other self-aggrandizing titles. He's arguably the coolest Somalian refugee in the entire Upper Midwest of the United States. Together with bunch of equally cool and smart ass friends, the term went national and shows the potential of insinuating itself into the pop culture.
LL Cool Jamal: AbdiShwak, who's the most compelling lady in this Somalian Xsmas party?

AbdiShwak: By far, Hodan is the most compelling. There are lot of close runner ups but they are too mundane!
by Philosopher-King December 30, 2009
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