Russian. Commisars shot thier own men in the backs when they tried to retreat. Many men killed their commisars in ww2.
"Comrade, I will give you 3 pints of Vodka if you kill that commisar. Otherwise we will all die at his gun"-Russian soldier to other Russian soldier
by Gunrussian July 6, 2004
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He who is sneaky ,
doing illegal stuff at nighttime on the world wide web
by Anonymous April 6, 2003
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He who hacked your pc
Ffs, Commissar stfu !
by Anonymous April 6, 2003
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The most badass of all the commissars. This man surfs tanks, eats bones, and cuts down swarms of enemies while riding said tanks with a chainsword. Don't fuck with this guy, because he can and will kill you with the sheer force of how much he hates you.
Oh shit, Commissar Fuklaw just ripped an ork in half. I wouldn't want to fuck with him!
by Spess Mahreen February 19, 2015
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A Warhammer YouTuber that just hates on games workshop while marketing his Patreon for 3d ripoffs of games workshop models.
Commissar gamza made another video shitting on games workshop.
by September 4, 2022
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