when ur in math and you need to find the comdom. wow man did you see that comdom
by comdomsrus July 22, 2019
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it isn't actually a word...the word is condom ....i dunno whether you missed the 'n' or you actually thought it was called that..but can i clear it up cos it pisses me off....
comdom = not a word...
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Popularized by British sketch comedy television show French and Saunders. In one of the sketches, Saunders who plays an ignorant suburban woman asks French about sex and gets the advice to use "comdoms". When she tries to correct the pronounciation, French tells her, with confidence, that it is called comdom, not condom!
Always use a comdom for shagging!
by ticl July 24, 2006
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something u should never hav sex without!!
by Sarah June 5, 2004
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