A combination of attacks in a video game that is so perfectly timed that it cannot be escaped or avoided, taking the competition to complete defeat in seconds. It originally came from a Super Smash Bros tournament Youtube vid.
The up smash!
Happy feet!
That aint Falco!
Wombo Combo!
by DrDragun May 30, 2013
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1) Zero-to-Death ownage in just a few seconds.
2) Zhu's painful demise by the hands of Silent Spectre and Tang.
3) To be utterly destroyed very quickly
Person 1 "Did you see that Lego building get hit by the train?"
Person 2 "No. What happened?"
Person 1 "Wombo Combo"

by LINKorpirated December 10, 2008
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Happy feet wombo combo that ant falco that ant falco ooooh oh oooooh OH MY GOD ooooooooooooh
by Prowl258 October 15, 2020
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Getting your shit absolutely rocked in smash bros with a combo which includes Falcon and Fox
Guy 1: Holy shit! Is that a wombo combo ? !?!

Guy 2: Yeah.
by mrfancyy March 23, 2022
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'I was coughing and laughing at the same time!'
'It's the wombo combo!'
by Squoosh January 21, 2022
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man 1: dude why where you taking such a long dump?
man 2:i got the wombo combo at round table pizza thats why
by geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelo January 2, 2010
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