A small, brown plastic horse who appears alongside Chris Leavins in the internet show about puppies and kittens, Cute With Chris. She usually makes inane remarks that don't have anything to do with what Chris is talking about. Also, she really likes towels. And hates it when other horses are shown on the show.

Some things that Colty likes to say:

Molester van!
Backstreet Boys!
Jesus is Lord!
I like towels!
I like pantsuits!
I like stores!
Today's asshole is Chris!
Suck it, Tanya!
Jesus is cute!
The nice man tickled me!
by silver_biscuit January 21, 2008
Someone who looks like colt from 90 day fiancé. Or has the characteristics of him. Look him up colt 90 day fiancé
That waiter looks very colty. So disgusting.
by Pleadzinsanity June 22, 2021
A word to describe an event of something backfired comically or someone just hit themself or their teammate/friends way too often(with a gun)
"This guy is a colty, he just killed the whole squad with one shot, his squad by the way"
by Coltin' October 23, 2022