1. Very large: Unusually or impressively large or huge.

2. Very great or impressive.
1. A colossal high-rise office building.
2. Those idiots made a colossal blunder.
by Jafje April 10, 2007
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Used to describe a series of calamitous events that occur over a short period of time, that are either intrinsically linked, completely random, or fall somewhere in the middle.
Joey: Dude you won't believe what has just fuckin' happened to me over the last week!

Bret: What?

Joey: Well on Monday I got fuckin' burgled by pikey's. On Wednesday I wrote my car off. On Saturday my missus split with me cos I go no fuckin' money or car anymore. Then to top it off this morning I slipped up fell in some fuckin' douche!

Bret: Fuck man! Thats fuckin' colossal!
by Steeman February 13, 2006
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The largest form of fatass in the known universe, typical traits include eating, shitting, sleeping and eating while shitting. The stench from such a beast is fatal to anyone within a 5 meter radius
Bob:quit being such a colossal fatass and go for a walk
Joe: no can do, i gotta take a shit and eat supper, then sleep
by endlessnameless February 01, 2010
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Few can consume enough cannabis to become one. A colossal stoner is the grand archmagister of the stoner kind. A colossal stoner's tolerance break lasts about half an hour. The period between each joint when he/she is not smoking is just about as long as the time it takes to roll another joint. If a colossal stoner greens out, their immediate action upon waking up is a wake&bake. A colossal stoner on average will have enough cannabinoids in their system to get arrested and charged for trafficking.
- "It sucks that your grandfather has Alzheimer's."
- "My grandfather doesn't have Alzheimer's, you insensitive prick, he's a colossal stoner."
by RoseTea February 14, 2012
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A shitstorm of such epically huge proportions that it blocks out the sun and throws the world into a stinky, everlasting night. Metaphorically, of course.
My mom found my Perc 30's. She is sharpening a knife, and my dad is preparing to waterboard me. What a colossal shitstorm I have screwed myself into!
by EDKirk January 18, 2011
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A dick of enormous size to an astonishing degree.The ultimate weapon that can overpower even the hardest women to satisfy.No matter what situation you are in you can always walk in saying 'Hakuna matata' with that weapon of destruction or satisfaction.Use it with care and may its force satisfy her.
Guy: When i was young god gave me a choice between colossal cock or a good memory.But honestly i cannot remember which one i picked.

Girl: Holy rooster how much of force can that colossal cock deliver ???
by zingeraddict November 21, 2010
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