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What would of stopped widespread disease, hunger and political upheavals in Africa. Europeans would of helped stabilize virtually all African nations so that they would be capable to be self-sufficent.
Africa fought to be free and now they expect the nations who would of civilized Africa to waive debts, sponsor children and donate supplies. No thank you.
by Francisco Franco June 07, 2005
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1. a country creating colonies in generally uninhabited, unclaimed areas

2. Invasion of the colon (ass)
1. In the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries Britain was very big on COLONIZATION

2. Shit that doctor just gave me some mad COLONIZATION
by captain awesomely amazing September 16, 2006
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That thing where they take your land, they take your people, they rape them they enslave them they make them not want to be together. They hate them they murder them, they lock em up, make them not want to see each other, they dispose of them. And then they kick me outta houses. On their own land! *crying emoji* but no more. It’s a new dawn. It’s a new daayyy it’s a new life 4 me and I’m feelin good.
Niña Simone

by wannakises June 14, 2018
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That thing where people steal what’s rightfully yours, you let them take it and be a good host, borrow it for a little while, but they get greedy with it and start to act like you were never there. Also known as land theft, murder, rape, bounty, incest, erasure of language, ceremony prohibition and patriarchy.
by scienceryan June 15, 2018
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