What would of stopped widespread disease, hunger and political upheavals in Africa. Europeans would of helped stabilize virtually all African nations so that they would be capable to be self-sufficent.
Africa fought to be free and now they expect the nations who would of civilized Africa to waive debts, sponsor children and donate supplies. No thank you.
by Francisco Franco June 07, 2005
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1. a country creating colonies in generally uninhabited, unclaimed areas

2. Invasion of the colon (ass)
1. In the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries Britain was very big on COLONIZATION

2. Shit that doctor just gave me some mad COLONIZATION
by captain awesomely amazing September 16, 2006
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Possibly the worst Spanish teacher ever, a period with colon colon comprises of: watchign her butt waddle, every once in a while screaming "guys!", handing out twenty different packets and calling it teaching, and teaching Spanish I to a Spanish II class
Hey colon colon, if you ever read this feel free to go to hell
by me jamo November 15, 2004
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An intestinal waterslide. Fluid and solids go in, fluid is absorbed and solids are passed out the rectum.
My colon is on fire after eating Taco Bell.
by percussiondrummer July 05, 2015
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When a white guy dates a black girl
"Hey man did you see Dave is dating that black chick?"
"Yea man she is has been totally colonized"
by YungUpgrade February 21, 2018
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Thing your country has to do to become big and to not be called country anymore, but empire instead. This way United Kingdom and France became big and powerful, though later got colonized by the United States themselves, which in turn was once colonized by UK (see New York , Virginia etc.) and France (see Lousiana). Oh the irony!
If you don't colonize, you'll be poland, FOREVER.
by 32121 July 23, 2016
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The burning, uncontrollable flow of ass water and acidic shit that exits your colon while burning your asshole (aka: ass piss). A mixture of this \"ass piss\" and bowl water may also backsplash onto your cheeks...this usually depends on the force of the colonic and consistency of the \"ass piss\".

The telltale sign of an impending colonic is a spur of the moment sensation that you are going to uncontrollably piss out of your ass into your pants.

You will know someone has these symptoms when you observe them making a mad dash for the bathroom, while trying to take down their pants.

WARNING: the side effects of a colonic are as follows (most severe first): Burning asshole (can last for 24 hours), wet ass cheeks (can make your boxers wet if you don’t wipe well), and shaky/weak legs (caused by the stress and pain of colonic).

Can also be called: explosive diarrhea
Dude, I had a colonic yesterday after I ate taco bell for lunch. My asshole is still on fire!
by ksumarine April 26, 2005
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