A tragic and heartbreaking loss of Junko Furuta, may you rest in peace.
It all starts with a top student, Junko Furuta, she was the top student and she was beautiful, and a delinquent named Hiroshi Miyano, he was in love with her but Junko rejected him. It got Hiroshi angry.
When Junko was riding her bike home from work, Hiroshi and his gang offered Junko a ride home, but they ended up taking Junko to their house and raped and tortured her brutally. After she died of getting tortured, they hid her body in some concrete drum.
Later her body was found and the 4 boys got arrested
Homie 1: Very tragic
Homie 3: you really just killed a girl named Junko Furuta just for rejecting you? Oh wow, that’s just sick..
by Homies3washere October 23, 2023
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