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When an alluring and luscious girl seduced you with her irresistible confidence, taste for danger, and captivating personality only to leave you, after an erotic one night stand filled with flawless pleasures and ultimate spank-bank material, with a hang over, a pre-rolled joint next to a pair of sultry black lace panties (she left both behind), one picture of her on your digital camera so sexy it would make the pope sin from burning loins, and a lifetime of self-hatred for not getting her last name and cell number.
Holy shit...the girl i hooked up with last night totally Colleened me! Picture and all!!!

I'm taking the girl of my dreams home with me right now, lets hope to all that is holy i don't get Colleened. I never want to let this girl go!!!

I need to meet a hott girl named Colleen so i can get Colleened
by JizzyStizzy October 05, 2009
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When someone finds out that their friend is trying to hook up with their sister.
1) Calvin got colleened.
2) Calvin got majorly colleened.
3) John.
by TDAAWWGG July 10, 2010
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to be failed on a call monitor if you have any kind of mind of your own or a personality outside of the CVG values.
alt defs; a useless mound of flesh that curls up and attack anybody with a resemblance of a personality.
If you disagree with this tech lead you wil be colleened.
by Kirk Muller September 05, 2006
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The act of providing oral sex without getting any in return.
I gave a guy a blow job last night and he totally colleened me.
by Tubbytron July 12, 2017
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