He is a very amazing person , with a personality that will make you fall in love m he is also a very handsome young man , that is very athletic and laid back
Mark: Have you meet that new guy coleton ?
Jim: Yea , Hes AWESOME !!
by amarithagoat January 12, 2019
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A horrible youtuber that is a HOE and is very ugly but he thinks he is cute.
Eww he must be a Coleton.
by Bigiies February 09, 2018
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Coleton is LITERALLY the definition of the perfect human being. His stunning outside layer is just the beginning of the journey, if you're lucky enough to get close to him. He can draw you in like a moth to a flame, and its up to him whether to scar you for your entire life or become the light of your entire life. He is incredible on the outside and the inside, and you'll find yourself wanting to tell him your entire life story, wanting to share every bit of your existence with him.
Coleton: Exists

God: And that, everyone, is my masterpiece
by Definitely Not Nike May 11, 2020
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Coleton is the type of legit guy and laid back. He is the one that gets lots of girls with his HUGE ding dong. That’s not all Coleton is even athletic and good looking. He is not the greatest at acidemics but he sure can get the girls.
Man they coleton over there is a player with that huge ding dong he has over there
by Jackrabbit72 December 20, 2018
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Coleton is an amazing guy. He will care for you make you laugh and cheer you up. He is also really hot athletic and can be a lil mischievous but he is overall a great person to be around.
Coleton is so cool he is the best.If you have classes with a Coleton, you should talk to him.
Girl 1: "Did you see Coleton's outfit today? Its so weird"
Girl 2: "Yeah I saw it but I kinda liked it. Ngl"
Girl 1: "Ew what do you like him or sum?"
Girl 2: "I mean kinda, yea cause he's really nice and funny to me."
Girl 1: "Oh I don't like him at all."
Girl 2: "Well you should he has done nothing to you and you treat him like garbage but he's not so you better back off or you will answer to me. Coleton is the smartest attractive and most funny and nice guy I've ever met."
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by Yomommalammaplanetpeppa January 08, 2020
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