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An annoying, perverted, irrelevant male who is very easy to spot, usually wears excessive deep v necks and an entire can of axe spray, maybe two. He is always on the prowl with his extreme thirst and because of his desperation for female attention, he is constantly begging for nudes and gets disappointed easily when a girl doesn't put out on the first date. He automatically assumes some chick wants the D when all she said was "hi" and being nice to him. He has no ambition in life and will end up having only these companions with him: herpes, chlymadia, gonorrhea, and HIV. For fuck's sake, please beware of fuqbois
"Who dat sprayin that axe everywhere my lungs gettin infected"
"That's Timothy over there he's a fuqboi"
by sotruimmarelate2urlifeson March 09, 2015
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Takes lots of selfies, wears to much cologne, and always dresses like they are about to walk down the catwalk (even if its just to get takeaway). To sum up not worth your time. They are all the same. All they care about is themselves and getting laid. So if you see a fuqboi approaching run the other way.
Omg this guy down my street is such a fuqboi.
by meh-the element of apathy September 07, 2017
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Someone who is sexy and fun and makes u smile and is amazing until he tears ur heart into pieces and steps on those pieces and the sets them on fire and the fucks ur friend on top of those pieces!
Who u texting?

A fuqboi but he’s cute!
by Godessssssss May 09, 2018
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