Coleen is an amazing, beautiful, talented person who is always fun to be around. When you first meet them they will be shy and timid but are still amazing. They think they have to talent and the world would be better without them but it is false. They can’t see how beautiful they are, or how talented they are, or how much they mean to you. Remind Coleen how amazing she is and she would still deny it. And shy and timid as they are, they have a big heart that doesn’t let people in that easily. It takes a lot of trust to be close to a Coleen.
Coleen is the most talented person I have ever met
by Cloudnine223 April 23, 2019
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Coleens are typically known for their beauty and mysterious ways upon first sight. A Coleen is typically a red-head, vibrant, gorgeous person with smart but insecure, a witty vocabulary and a silly sense of humor. Coleens are very out going and loveable though sometimes shy and quiet. Coleens love to have their backs rubbed, and their necks kissed while lying in a comfortable bed. A Coleen is always willing to try something new. When a Coleen is cornered , it may occasionally "fight", but more frequently take "flight",but loyal to a fault .Coleens will run away from a problem or confrontation and play impossible to catch rather than fix it. Coleens will also hide their feelings or convince those with different ones to cover up its real feelings. Coleens are easy/great to fall in love with, but they are impossibly hard to fall out of love with. Once hooked to a Coleen, you certainly will maintain a strong connection for a very long time. They are addicting like a drug, except the high is much more uplifting. If a Coleen says it loves you, you're in luck for sure. Coleens need to be taken care of and treated right, and though it’s very hard at times to figure out the right way, in the end everything will work out right, through all the ups and all the downs. Coleen's love with all their being.
Coleen's fiery red-headed nature took my breathe away.
by java28 February 2, 2010
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someone who eats avocados with milk and sugar, puts salt on their watermelon, pronounces Advertisement as Ad-ver-tis-ment, no one knows the layout of her house , is too lazy too walk 2 steps to get her switch and will never be barefoot.

by ilooklikeadoplhin October 11, 2020
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Savage, fruit-fly hating, not in love with her psychology prof, always likes to sit in the back because she doesn't want to draw attention to herself. Is the definition of YOLO, likes astronomy which is fitting because she is a STAR herself and is very good at fighting people both physically and intellectually. A tiny giant basically....BEWARE and don't get on her bad side otherwise oh shit ur dead.
Person 1: Hey, did you hear? Coleen fought another professor today
Person 2: Oh that's such a Coleen thing to do i'm not surprised
by just_stole_ur_mans$$678 February 27, 2018
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A variant of the name Colleen, which means "girl" in Gaelic (from Ireland).
Would you be after the lad going to the town then, young Coleen ?
by melancolee April 9, 2009
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A girl who will do anything for you, Will help you through depression. She has her ups and downs, but will always be by your side. She's socially active but naughty at times. she will always try to make you laugh even when your sad. She is very beautiful but will never believe it, she is outgoing and active and enjoys the memories of true friends, she's loveable and adorable and WILL Always stick with you to the very end.
Jasmine: Wow i wish i had a friend like Coleene!
Derek: she is an amazing friend, i wish i could be her bestest friends
by Pockychuu August 8, 2015
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The act of excluding a friend from a social event
I'm not invited to your drinks party tomorrow - are you Coleening me?
by leftout March 10, 2019
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