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A girl who will do anything for you, Will help you through depression. She has her ups and downs, but will always be by your side. She's socially active but naughty at times. she will always try to make you laugh even when your sad. She is very beautiful but will never believe it, she is outgoing and active and enjoys the memories of true friends, she's loveable and adorable and WILL Always stick with you to the very end.
Jasmine: Wow i wish i had a friend like Coleene!
Derek: she is an amazing friend, i wish i could be her bestest friends
by Pockychuu September 12, 2015
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something so amazing, it's just better than sex. It's perfect, and nothing or no one can compare. A totally god in bed, everyone needs a Coleene
I wish Coleene was mine.
by Aryn CliffordπŸ™Š May 14, 2015
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