To be turn on the point of climax and left the dry without any form of sexual relief, resulting in your balls getting extremely cold (hurts like hell)
I was playing a game of spin the bottle when this sexy girl was dared to wine (dance body to body) on me, when she was finished I had a rock solid hard on, 3min later I had a case of cold balls
by Shawn Dra October 26, 2009
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1.)describes really cold weather. It's so cold your balls feel like ice.
It's cold as balls out here.
by Mike B44 February 15, 2006
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Discribing something that is so cold it makes your balls shrivel
Guy jumps into ocean on New Years
"Awww man its cold as balls in here"
Guy walk into movie theater
"It's cold as balls in here also"
Guy walks into panty shop
"That naked girl must be cold as balls"
by Cold Balls June 21, 2009
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Just another way to say something is cold.
Damn!! It's cold as balls out here!!

This beer is cold as balls.
by skarlet winter October 7, 2009
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A time where it is so cold that the warmest part of your body is affected by it - your balls.
Common during the winter, esp. in Chicago, New York, and Nantucket.
Bro I walked outside yesterday dressed in shorts and a shirt. It was balls cold.
by O Purehitta April 3, 2011
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A expression of how cold it is, either used alone, or in a scale. The logical extension of "cold as balls"
Primus: It is balls cold, dude.

Secundus: How may balls?

Primus: Three balls, man. Three balls cold.
by cold_balls December 7, 2009
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When something is so cold your balls and shit could possibly freeze.
Dude, your pool is shit balls cold! I'm not going in that shit!
by smither July 21, 2004
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