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1. A derogatory term used to describe someone that constantly loses on a pool table that requires coins to be inserted in order to rack up the balls and play another game.

2. Any NPC in an MMO game that can be easily killed and drops a substantial amount of in game money.
"Oh Coin Boy? fetch us another rack."

"Dude, I gotta go pwn the Coin Boy I need some vig for my mats."
by Creeping Gibs December 13, 2009
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A person, most likely your business acquaintance or close friend, who is overtly obsessed with anything that has to do with cryptocurrency (such as Bitcoin or Ethereum).
"How's your BTC doing, coinboy?"

"Dude, have you heard George quit the office yesterday? He said the last Bitcoin surge made him tens of G's."
- "Ah, you mean that coinboy."
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by nomajor October 19, 2017
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