This word can make a misunderstanding between Spanish speakers of different places.

In Spain the word "Coger" is used as the verb "to grab".
In Mexico the word "Coger" is used as "Fuck"
Spain: Voy a coger algo de comer

(I'm going to grab something to eat)

Mexico: Me voy a coger a esa muchacha (I'm going to have sex with that girl)
by MoisoGenio November 28, 2013
In Latinoamérica, a lang for Fuck, have sex.
Not like the spaniards, who say Follar. That's wrong.
Coger is better and latino.
"Vamos a coger "
"Let's fuck "

"Cogí con esa chica negra"
"I fucked with that black girl"
by Grunge Psycotium May 24, 2016
The action of have sex rather used to mean rape
Me voy a coger a esa vieja
by Rho Carre March 16, 2007