A ring that is only meant to be for the wearer, as a reminder of their commitment to God to save sex for marriage. It is not supposed to be showy, or a symbol that they think they are superior, but simply a personal reminder. It is a big deal to the wearer, but it is supposed to be personal and only between God and that person. Granted, some people do wear them for the wrong reasons, but there are always people who do things for the wrong reasons. And yes, guys do wear them, and please, make fun of us all you want, we don't care.
Richard: "What is that ring you are wearing?"
Andrew: "Oh, its my purity ring."
Richard: "What does that mean?"
Andrew: "Just a reminder for me of my commitment to purity until marriage."
Richard: "Oh, well I don't believe in that."
Andrew: "Ok, well that is fine."
by MichaelallenB February 11, 2011
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A pretty silver ring symbolizing a pledge to stay a virgin until marriage that Christian teenagers wear while they're having underage, premarital sex anyway.
I lost my purity ring while I was fucking the pastor's daughter/son.
by humblesalve March 2, 2009
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A sure sign you're a little bitch brainwashed by religion.
Kyle can't bone his girlfriend because his idiot Christian parents make him wear a purity ring.
by Junkyard Pirate May 5, 2022
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A ring that signifies postponing sexual involvement until marriage.
Guy: Wanna do it?
Girl: No! Didn't you see my purity ring? I'm saving myself for marriage!
by dietrying January 15, 2008
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a ring that someone wears to make a promise to not have sex before they are married.
The Jonas Brothers wear purity rings as a symbol of their respect for girls and to promise not to have sex before they are married.
by sunshiney August 4, 2008
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A ring that is a reminder to you and to God that you will stay pure till marriage; Abstinence until marriage.
The Jonas Brothers! Nick Jonas has a purity ring that says 'poned' and Joe has one with a cross on it.
by Meagan C January 15, 2008
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