clears mind; a pause that clears your head space to make room for other ideas.
This upbeat music is my coffee bean after writing this horror story for this act.
by @tikifaces_ October 10, 2019
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The act of a latin, black, or any colored skinned person tea bagging.
Grant coffee beaned the hobo in the lawn chair at the beach.
by GHor October 24, 2010
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After a long, wet, hard defecation, half wipe your balloon knot and allow to dry, so that the remains have attached themsleves to the pubic hair around the arse cheeks.

Later, rub your arse crack over your victims face, using their nose as a scraper, rubbing off the 'coffee beans' into and around their mouth. Points are awarded for acurately dropping a bean into the screaming mouth. (1 point for each bean is the generic scoring.)
Guy 1: whats your Coffee Beaning P.B.?
Girl 1: 7, It took two days for those babies to harden. My dad wasn't impressed... he was in a meeting at the time.
by Nick Rodllins January 27, 2008
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Small toddler of the African American descent. Usually hairless and of ambiguous nature. Always smiling ready to land every last dunk, and can pitch fits with power that squares the mighty force of a tsunami. They are frequently seen alone but often in pairs at either side of their guardian (eg: Grandma, Aunt Wanda, or various Foster Homes. They are the balance in life which creates vivid understanding of our future as humans. Especially when under the influence of drugs or alcohol these "coffee beans" can appear to be developing tools of nature.
1. Watch out! The Coffee Bean has made it to close to the train tracks!

2. Awww, that cute little coffee bean, its eyes light up like chocolate covered raisins.

3. It looks like shes gone and had another coffee bean.

4. Whats really in that coffee beans diaper?

5. Whats that coffee bean doing out after curfew?

6. Watch how quick that coffee bean scales those steps.

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"Ohhh- weee look at that phat coffee bean, smashin up against her panties! It's makin bean juices. Thang huge as hell, finna drench her undies or bust out! Thuck, I can't wait!"
by atm TJ July 31, 2019
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Oh snap check out sistas coffee bean ova there. I love spandex tights.
by PoolGuy4L June 14, 2010
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in middle and high school debate (California), to appeal to and distract the judge by using a pathos argument that is dramatized and taken out of context
Did you see how they didn't have any evidence at all in their case? They just tried to coffee bean the judge with a fake story!
by c0ffeebeans October 10, 2018
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