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The answering movement to the Tea Party, though not a liberal as the tea baggers are conservative.
Did you haer about the Tea Party?

Yeah, I did. Now they even have a coffee party for the Democrats!

No way!

They even meet in Starbucks!
by 0o_anonymous_o0 April 14, 2010
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An amorphous group of Americans who may or may not be left of the Tea Party, thus they are not really an alternative to the Tea Party. Unlike the Tea Party which stands firmly on the side of the corporate world's quest for tax cuts and media domination, the Coffee Party just really, really wishes everyone would be nice and discuss their feelings rather than making fun of Obama or the Tea Party.

Coffee Party members are often spotted with blackened, tear-filled eyes and ripped clothing after asking Tea Party members to sit down and discuss their grievances with them. The behavior of Coffee Party members is very similar to that of a woman in an abusive relationship.
Roommate: What happened to all the Kleenex? I bought 4 boxes and they're all gone.

Coffee Party Member: I had a Coffee Party gathering in the living room and we used them up crying over how people like to call Obama and even the Tea Party names.
by The Dumpstress May 25, 2011
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A recently founded (as of August 8, 2010) alternative to the Tea Party. Most of the members there are either disillusioned ex-Tea Party members or liberals. Some of its doctrines include finding a way to unite the country and have open dialogue between the citizens and government. It does not get much attention, but it exists. Although it does have some of the same problems that the Tea Party has such as having radical goals and weak leadership.
Person 1: "What's the Coffee Party?"

Person 2: "Its where people go who left the Tea Party"
by remeber me! August 08, 2010
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