Something one girls says to another when she notices the other girl has ''leaked''on her clothes during that time of the month
Oh crap,Sarah, code red. You have some vaginal blood on the back of your jeans. Here, use my sweater to hide the stain. I want it back tomarrow. CLEAN!
by TIZZOM August 25, 2004
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the code at burncoat high school (see: Burncoat ) for a major fight/ lockdown. Used once in the 05-07 administration, a large racially induced fight reportedly involving up to sixty students broke out in various wings of the school. Basically it was the blacks and whites (UNITY!) vs. the bilinguals. Highlights include an extremely strong black student locked inside an office taking on as many as 3 bilinguals at once, and supposedly beating one with a phone. The principal got punched in the chest/face, and a crazy vietnam vet / history teacher, made sure he got his. in total 16 got arrested that day, and more were arrested after reviewing video cameras (amazing that burncoat could afford them). sadly it is one of the high points of the 05-07 administration because of his being just an awful principal.
loudspeaker: pleas excuse this interuption... CODE RED!

kid: yes another big fight!
by rich toomey October 17, 2007
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A very sexually attractive mom based on the milf scale from blue to red. (Blue, green, yellow, orange, red) Blue being ugly, red being smoking hot.
by joshy rotten August 24, 2008
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when shits about to pop off. everything must be droped and assistance must be lent to the code reder.
los- code red nigga!!!

tit- ohhhh shit nigga where you at?!?!

los- ingles man! Bitch just took my shoping cart!

tit- WHAT! we on are way my nigga!
by i love money and she loves me February 03, 2010
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another name for the sunset flip bomb that is done by the Purteo Rican Cruiserweight wrestler Amazing Red
When Amazing Red hits Code Red on his oppoents, the match is NOT over.
by Mike March 30, 2005
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