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A party lacking vaginas. All sausage, no bun. A gathering of mostly males.
Octoberfest is known for a festival of sausages.

aka "Sausage Party" or "Weinerfest"
"This party is such a cocktoberfest, all sausage, no bun"
by Pete Za October 11, 2003
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A party where men outnumber the women
John - Hey Tom, how was the party last night?
Tom - It sucked man, it was a fucking Cocktoberfest.
by Ryan_Palmer June 15, 2007
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When two single girls move in together at the end of September and decide to get all the cock in October.
Damn, this month is sooooo going to be cocktoberfest. WE NEED ALL OF THE COCKS!
by jnco28 September 14, 2013
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Time of year that is recognized worldwide as the "holiday season" for dope-hos across the globe. Traditionally it occurs during the month of July, which was chose because during that part of the summer one will find their weather conditions to be, for the most part, described In pretty much the same exact word these who're take pride in using to describe themselves and others like them.... "muggy, miserable, and way too damn hot" (please note the last part is used only by these skank bitches and does not reflect the opinion of a single other soul on this planet other than other dope-hos)

Traditionally this holiday is a tribute to all them hard working tramps that In reality are out there preserving the worlds delicate state of 'sanity' by sacrificing themselves to be no more than a cum-dumpster receptacle to provide release, stress relief, etc and all at a minimal cost to the migrant worker or hobo or some rank of trashy per put there who may be about to snap and go postal, until given that Blow-Job that keeps the dude going to see another day without creating a mass loss of human life.

Most commonly celebrated through the entire month of the sluts being worked for a higher rate (standard is 3 times what you'd normally pay them) of earnings into their pipes or needles than the customary amount they'd normally earn...
Dude I fucking hate cocktoberfest.... Not only am I sitting in my car sweating my balls off for a half ass BJ from that bitch Stacy cuz its 120 degrees outside, but since it's the holiday I gotta give her a goddamn 8ball! Bitch still wont swallow either!
by jimjones, omnibeing November 02, 2017
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