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1. The chant of the soldiers in the FIGHTER organization during briefings or before a battle.

2. The initiation process a recruit goes through on the first day in FIGHTER.

3. The name of the Nuke used in Operation Cocksmash where Rainbow Squad was ordered to clear enemy missile interceptors for said Nuke.

4. A word used in a phrase or joke for laughs.
1. Councilor: Are you ready, Troopers!?

Troopers: Cocksmash, cocksmash, cocksmash!

2. Veterans of the FIGHTER can sleep easily with the screams of the 'new guy' being initiated.

3. No example needed.

4. What did one FIGHTER say to the other?

by FIGHTERDoc July 05, 2009
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When a male repeatedly thrusts his package vigorously against a person of the opposite sex, in a dry hump fashion. Most incidences are often seen in night clubs involving alcohol consumption.

WARNING: May cause member of the opposite sex (the cocksmashee) to gain whiplash.
Wow, I was trying to "swing my hair back and forth" but that guy kept cocksmashing me, RUDE!
by cocksmash2010 December 30, 2010
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wen you get hit in the bollacks heavily and it hurts really bad and it hurts for some time
when ur just stood there thinkin a naked lady and then some little prick walks up to you and punches u in the bollocks and you shout and have painfull bollocks cock smash we gangsters call it
by hartom December 08, 2007
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Co-ck-sma-ssh, verb
The act of missing a sexual partners poon or stink hole with ones cock and hitting the bit inbetween at full force resulting in a "cocksmash".
So, I was pounding away on this the young filly when I got a tad carried away, pulled out and said, "right little missy, take this one you filthy little harrlot" and went at her with the might of empire, a pain ran up my jonson and I knew straight away there had been a terrible cocksmash, it's been this colour and bent at a 45 degree angle for weeks now, anything you can do doctor?
by morgansgoat May 22, 2012
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A disappointed or angry interjection, as if to compare your current situation into getting smashed hard in the scrotal region.
Doctor: I'm sorry Joe, but your leg has contracted gangrene. We're going to need to amputate.
Joe: Fuckin' cocksmash!!
by tfd September 12, 2004
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When somebody is lieing down, another person winds up their fist from a far distance and smashes it down on the other's groin in a natural motion.
"I was just laying there in my sleeping bag, and he threw down the cocksmash! My balls hurt!"
by Sandwich487864354 July 20, 2008
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