2 definitions by Govenor Tarkin

One who enjoys munching or consuming cock. Any cock will do, but if this individual is a ballwasher (see definition) then they now will only gobble high dollar cock (ie bosses, managers, corporate people) Usually these individuals have no other motivation other then liking cock to be a cockgobbler.
"Jared is such a cockgobbling ballwasher. All he does all day is wash and gobble."
by Govenor Tarkin February 23, 2004
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When either a person or corporate entity make an offer "look" attractive with window dressing when it really isn't - but in reality they are only using SMOKE AND MIRRORS to distort this so they can keep holding the carrot on the stick in front of you!!! Almost like a Jedi mind trick.
"You will receive a BIG bonus next year and you are your own boss and can do whatever you want to succeed in this office!!" -that was smoke and mirrors. Here is the translation into what that really means:
"You will be chained to your desk. You will work 12 hours a day. You will not get a promotion, ever. You will have 9 bosses. You will receive just enough money to keep you alive while we pay your manager for his private jet and lakehouse in Wyoming. You will die in this place."
by Govenor Tarkin February 23, 2004
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