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A species of bird that is the result of cross-breeding a male chicken, or rooster, with a female turkey. Similarly to the mule, they can not reproduce, but unlike mules this is not a result of being naturally infertile, but because Cockgobblers are all either females or homosexual.
Farmer: "Your daughter is quite the cockgobbler"
Rooster: "Bu-cooooooock" (Roughly translated in English: Why thank you. I and her mother, a turkey, raised her very well.)

A: How did Andy Dick have children? Aren't Cockgobblers sterile?
B: Bitch please, they aren't infertile they just don't reproduce because the males only want to fuck other males.
A: Well how did Andy Dick do it?
B: I hear he gobbled his own cock and then spit the semen into a female's vagina.
A: Ohhh that makes sense.
by Hodagophile November 18, 2010
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